2012 Renault Megane RS Trophy Review

With an output of 265hp and maximum torque of 360 Nm, giving Renault Megane RS Trophy efficiency in its class. A meeting new platform and increased power make the most of the potential of the Cup chassis, without compromising the versatility of the acclaimed car and driving comfort.

Circulation 500 units is planned, and the Renault Megane RS Trophy special design features set on the top of the range Megane RS.

Order books open on June 20, 2011, and the newcomer will be marketed in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. Prices in France start from € 35,500.

Technical changes to the existing package, outstanding performance

With a maximum power of 265hp (up 15 hp), maximum torque of 360 Nm (20 Nm) available in a wide range in particular band (3000 to 5000 rpm), a power to weight ratio and power 5.09kg/hp specific of 132.5 hp / liter, the car has an outstanding performance package. Still, Renault Sport engineers have been working hard on the specification of the Megane RS 2.0 liter turbo enjoy driving and the response to even higher levels. Maximum boost pressure to 2.5 bar is updated (up to 0.2 bar), while the design of the air intake has been revised to take greater pressure and high temperature operation in mind.

Performance has been improved in the process and the result is a 0-100kph in just to 6.0s (down 0.1 s), a top speed of 254kph (up 4kph) and 1,000 kilometers standing start in 25.4 (down 0.3 s). Beyond these statistics, but the driving experience of the Renault Megane RS Trophy is a constant source of pleasure and sensations satisfactory.

And more finely tuned implementation of the Cup chassis and standard limited slip differential, contributes a new tire mounted on a car of outstanding traction on dry roads, especially in tight corners and the wet. The design of Formula 1-inspired Bridgestone Potenza RE050A is asymmetric directional tread and shape of its blocks provide excellent grip, stability and acoustic comfort, whatever the conditions. Last but not least, the Renault Megane RS Trophy fuel economy is carefully optimized to return combined cycle fuel consumption of just 8.2 litres/100km, equivalent to 190g of CO2 per kilometer, which represents a savings of 0, 2 l/100 km and 5 g / km on the Renault Megane RS at the time of its launch.

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