2011 Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Viewed as a notion of carats in 2003 Auto Show in Frankfurt, and then launched in Japan in January 2006, received numerous awards and received by the media and customers are the innovative A-segment "in" is selected MMC platform for next generation electric car project: Mitsubishi i-MiEV, the euro-spec. version (LHD and RHD is officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show 2010).

Make the best use of the midship architecture of this new urban electric vehicle using the "i" or "i MiEV" was then announced in October 2006, the research vehicle powered by a compact, lightweight and high energy density lithium ion.

Less than three years later, after an entire development process was completed to collect more than 500,000 miles of testing, the car was released in Japan as "i-MiEV" in July 2009 with the first customer fleets. The books were opened to private customers as well, the first deliveries of the second wave of Japanese clients that take place in April 2010.

The next step in business begins today in Paris, before an implementation of MMC Mizushima plant in October. Deliveries to customers in Europe will begin in 14 selected markets in December 2010, according to the country by country.

EV 40 years of know-how Mitsubishi

Once heralded as a return vehicle EV Research in October 2006, then non hyphened "in MiEV" was the result of forty years of research and development at Mitsubishi in the electric power train.


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