2012 Opel Astra GTC

Opel has taken a fall this year, three new icons: the revolutionary electric Ampera, with extended range capabilities, the new generation Zafira Tourer masterpiece, flexibility, and the new Astra GTC three-door compact sports car. Opel Astra GTC will have its world premiere at the 64th International Motor Show in Frankfurt, 15-25 September 2011.

New Opel Astra is distinguished by the sharp design and driving characteristics. Outwardly, sculpted shapes accurate accents More drama in clean, sweeping lines coupe. And on the road, all versions of the Astra GTC, the award will benefit available HiPerStrut front axle - High Performance Strut - which ideally combines the patented intelligent Opel Watts link rear axle for stability and accuracy unsurpassed sharp driving. Only very few, radical sports car segment to offer a sophisticated architecture of front-wheel drive.

"The Astra GTC is the member of the Opel family sport," said Karl-Friedrich Stracke, Managing Director of Opel / Vauxhall. "It was designed and manufactured at our plant in Rüsselsheim to be a sports coupe with a high stimulating desirable driving performance while remaining affordable, comprehensive and flexible. We will bring a breath of fresh air in the sport compact segment. "

Astra GTC is the final design and driving dynamics. Represented 15-20% of all sales of Astra, adds the energy of a successful family of compact Opel, which increased the segment share of 8.3% in 2009, 11.4% in 2010.

Muscular body design structured by sharp lines of the tendon

New Opel Astra GTC is very much influenced by the Opel GTC concept presented at the 2010 Paris Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris. The compact five-seater sports coupe with the appeal, and dramatic proportions, the Astra GTC is a unique design: do not share any external element with the other members of the Astra family, with the exception of the exterior mirror housing and the mirror 'antenna. 17-20 Six of the seven-inch wheel design features are also available for Astra alone.

"We wanted the Astra GTC with the highest expression of Opel design language in the art of sculpture meets German precision and embody our passion for the automobile," says Mark Adams, vice president of Opel / Vauxhall design. "However, I do not forget the thrill of functionality: the Astra GTC is a smart, affordable dream car."

Four engines to start - a sport version will soon be

Opel Astra GTC can be ordered just a choice of four engines - one diesel and three petrol units.

Update 2.0 CDTI common-rail turbo diesel high performance of 121 kW/165 hp is equipped with a diesel particulate filter and six-speed manual transmission. Opel new Start / Stop technology that reduces fuel consumption in stop and go traffic in town is standard equipment. The 2.0 CDTI engine combines excellent performance with high efficiency. It offers up to 380 Nm of torque through an overboost function and allows the Astra GTC to reach 100 km / h in 8.9 seconds. Top speed is 210 km / h. The combined fuel consumption not exceeding 4.9 liters of diesel per 100 km and CO2 emissions are 129 g / km. With a fuel tank 56 liters, the Opel Astra GTC 2.0 CDTI can cover over 1,100 km.

Start / Stop is also standard with the 1.4 petrol turbo engine two tablets of 88 kW/120 hp and 103 kW/140 hp. Both have a manual gearbox with six speeds, delivers 200 Nm of torque and requires 5.9 liters of fuel per 100 km (139 g / km CO2). Gasoline is currently leading the 132 kW/180 hp 1.6 turbo six-speed manual transmission, which has a top speed of 220 km / h.

More engines will be offered throughout the world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. The sportiest versions, including the future of high performance OPC in 2012.

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