2011 Renault Laguna Estate Review

New Renault Laguna is more assertive style front - the lights of "top" black masks with features as standard, as well as additional chrome trim for the new pearlescent black grille - give the model a more proactive stance clear. Immediately comes across as nervous and playful, and points to the promise of even greater driving pleasure.

A new front-end design

The front is more aggressive and more assertive is immediately the tone. According to the joy promised by the title of performance New Laguna, the design is expressive and facing a new dynamic. The bumper incorporates a new grille Black Pearl and the more extensive use of chrome.

The waist of the saloon extends around the boot just above the smoke of the LED taillights.

Located partly in a relatively high up on the tailgate, it contributes to the dynamics of the car overall approach and provide a distinctive signature on the back lighting.

Twin tailpipes have seen versions powered by a higher-end engines ruined by the presence of full power transmission under the hood, while the dual-antenna is integrated into the rear window to play some of the flow lines.

New Renault Laguna Sport Tourer is clearly distinguishable, raked rear window and the shape of the rear side windows, highlighting a flowing, athletic lines, reinforcing the sense of the rail car roof profile.

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