2012 Toyota Yaris

The launch of the third generation of Toyota Yaris adds a new chapter in the history of European success models. During the last decade, the Yaris has always had an interest in the segment more than 5%. It was a powerful tool for increasing sales of Toyota in Europe, to boost brand image and become an essential pillar of the business operations of European manufacture.

New Toyota Yaris competes in the B segment - which accounted for 26% of the total market, which is equivalent to about 4 million in revenue a year - still the most important arena for the sale of the automotive industry. This segment is currently dominated by vehicles petrolengined, representing more than two-thirds of the mix.

In recent years, has accelerated the fragmentation within the B segment, after the introduction of ever-increasing diversity of the new model, like SUV, MPV and B-. Despite this, 50% of total sales in the segment sedan remains the most important and best-selling, the style of the body.

With the rising cost of fuel and reducing CO2 tax, the level of incitement to customers in other segments, the B-segment sales are expected to remain stable in the near future.

The second generation of Toyota Yaris was praised for its livability, sustainability, interior versatility of the engine efficiency and maneuverability in urban areas. The new Yaris will bring together all the forces of the previous generation vehicle, while providing a more dynamic design and sophisticated operation, a clear step in the sensory quality, a breakthrough in multimedia connectivity segment accessible, efficient powerplants, innovative transmission and greater agility for city driving.

Quality remains a key attribute Toyota Yaris. Further improvement of the quality built recently praised in the German TÜV report 2011, close involvement of Toyota Motor Manufacturing France with suppliers in the early stages of production to ensure that each element contributes to the overall quality the vehicle.

Located in the heart of the B segment, the new Toyota Yaris offers an ingenious combination of benefits. Meets the requirements of both progressive, technology-based clients and more traditional users that focus on quality, comfort and, of course, value.

Enlarge Interior of the sensory quality, space and comfort

The key objective of the design of the new Toyota Yaris has been to create a driver is more focused on the control panel of a symmetrical layout. The driver and front passenger facilities are clearly divided, with particular attention to a new focus on the ergonomics of the driver.

Complete horizontal lines to create a feeling of width, the dashboard is dominated by a sculpture, stuffed article that flows from the driver's seat cushions matching upper door panel, which increases the feeling of interior space.

Dash pad and door color is suitable for upholstery inserts according to the hierarchical structure, which reinforces the high quality printing from within.

Perception of sensory quality is further enhanced through a very tactile quality of the details. Guidance tools, multimedia touch-screen and the vents are covered with a gunmetal finish, concave cut in the tire. And all the instrumentation and controls feature chrome dome section.

Unlike previous generation Yaris, the instrument of the cabin is positioned in the center of the steering wheel with controls ergonomically located all driverfocused and apparatus for high visibility and ease of use. A new, easy to read, orange / red backlit meters combined with a tachometer large core diameter.

Further strengthening of driving comfort, the three branches, leather-wrapped steering wheel stitching has a new crop of more comfortable grip section, the rake steering column was lowered from 3 degrees to provide a more engaging driving position and driver's seat height adjustment has been increased from 15 mm to a maximum of 60 mm. Driver's seat armrest is also available for added comfort.

The front seats themselves are equipped with a completely new framework which allows for better retention of the body performance and excellent driving comfort. The width of the seat has been increased and the side sections are made to improve performance. And the show has been increased and the front edge of the seat cushion to reduce fatigue over long distances.

Despite its compact exterior dimensions, the reception of passengers on the new Toyota Yaris has not been compromised. Length of the wheelbase is increased by 50 mm and an inside width of 30 mm. This is combined with the gain of extra space through careful detailing throughout the interior, because of the new Yaris is one of the most spacious cars in its class.

Without compromising comfort or safety, the front seats and rear tailgate, have been clarified, while maximizing interior space. This increases the space for the rear passengers' knees from 35 mm to mm first class, 645, and the cargo space of 145 mm depth of a class-leading 710 mm.

Total luggage capacity in the double load space has been increased to 286 liters, increasing to 12 liters with the 60/40 split rear seats folded flat to 768 liters. And openness of the tailgate has been extended by 20 mm for comfort.

High density and sensory quality of the new interior is further enhanced by the Toyota Yaris, "a great all-glass panoramic sunroof. The structure is divided into front and back which allows greater flexibility in front and behind the passengers to open or close , all with a light shade of 20% with a roller.

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