2011 Saab Phoenix

Elegant, innovative and highly effective: Phoenix Concept Car Saab introduces the features and technologies that will power the next generation of Saab cars.

Based on a new architecture for the next Saab 9-3, Saab Posted aeromotional Phoenix Design "a visual record of the principles of aerodynamic design and a passion for innovation that inspired the creators of the famous first Saab car Ursaab.

Saab's Phoenix Tear, "liquid metal" jet shapes and wonderful inspiration greenhouse business that reflects the cost to address the design of other Saab and transparent blocks of ice.

A clean, muscular form allows a drag coefficient of just 0.25 and exceptionally low is also considering the scope of the distinctive "installed" winglets ".

Doors open throttle for easy access to a 2 +2 cabin, which combines the simplicity and technology. It has a minimalist approach, "deleted" feel like a new expression of design based on the Saab driver and the world's first Saab Infotainment Iqon innovative communication system. In fact, the Saab tradition, there is also a surprisingly versatile loading platform.

"Phoenix will set a new benchmark for the design of future Saab products," said Jason Castriota, general manager of Saab Automobile design. "He symbolizes the rebirth of the spirit of innovation and passion that led to the Saab to build its first car. We are taking DNA visual of what we call" aeromotional "design adds excitement, power and fluidity. The aesthetic form and differ models in the future of Saab. "

The breath of the body, Saab Phoenix has at its disposal an innovative rear power transmission, along with a sophisticated gasoline engine 200 hp 1.6-liter turbo. The result is an intelligent man, the ability of hybrid four-wheel drive, which improves comfort and reduces fuel consumption. combined cycle and CO2 emissions should be only 5.0 l/100 km and 119 g / km.

minimalist interior

In true Scandinavian tradition, the passenger 2 +2 adopts a minimalist style. It was "stripped" feeling of a racing car, with seats shaped metal shell and interior sections that mimic the network exposed to a safety cage.

sweet expression is given to the traditional instrument of Saab driver-oriented design. A circular platform in front of the driver in the shape of the afterburner of a jet engine, the presentation of data in collaboration with HUD.

45 degree angle to the driver, a separate module Iqon Saab Infotainment hosts and communication systems technologies. For good ergonomics, 8-inch touch screen is the closest to the fingertips of the driver and the steering wheel.

Saab IQON (see separate release for details) is a pioneer car platform communication using AndroidTM Google operating system. On the basis of "open innovation" with innovative third-party vendors and application developers, consisting of an integrated platform that connects directly to the Internet when the car is on. The touch screen gives access to the navigation and entertainment audio streaming, online, on the storage of music on board, and download applications such as smartphones.

The red light of all the tools and environment, the cockpit lighting brings warmth and feeling of the cabin. This includes the soil, where they are exposed to LED light tubes to hit the black carpet. This is all part of a design aeromotional new strategy "that includes the" fire and ice "effect.

Saab Concept Phoenix costumes curves cover a trap depth. Provides access to a flat ramp, including folding rear seats and a track to load cargo adaptable.


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