Lexus CT200h Review

The World Car Fans of the crew have received what appears to be an official document of the Lexus 200h TC before the next week to reveal the Geneva Motor Show, and while the records are light on details, we have our first glimpse the excellent view of the Euro-brand hybrid hatch.

The style has been significantly watered down the concept that LF-Ch debut in Frankfurt last year, a merger rates within walking distance of the saloon and a profile very similar to the Toyota Auris. Getting to 170 inches long, 69.5 cm wide and 56 inches tall with a wheelbase of 102 inches, CT 200h is suspended by a MacPherson front, double wishbone arrangement at the rear 17-inch wheels and spokes manifold.

Motivation comes with a 1.8-liter VVT-i petrol four-cylinder equipped with a power indefinitely, electronically controlled transmission with a continuously variable power supply to the front wheels. A pack of nickel-metal hydride batteries mounted beneath the cellar, and three driving modes are available - Eco, Normal and Sport - and the ability to operate in full-EV.

Then we saw the concept Lexus LF-Ch in 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, a model that could compete head to head with other luxury compacts like the BMW 1 Series and Audi A3 is available exclusively as a hybrid.

The concept Lexus LF-Ch combined with elegant design elements full hybrid powertrain in a 5-door compact package suitable to meet the needs of most demanding customers with its bold grille Lexus premium compact hood sitting on a deep, curved bumpers full front with a trio of entries giving a perfect balance between accuracy and power. While finely sculpted front wings on the aerodynamic flow front bumper to create a comprehensive set of arcs and a set of brake cooling ducts deep to the LF-Ch powerful and useful position.

CT 200h hybrid combines a gasoline engine of 1.8 liter VVT-i, a powerful engine, a generator, a high performance battery, a power control unit and a power split device that uses a planetary gear combine and re-distribute the power of the engine, electric motor and generator operational needs.

The car will make its debut next week in the world in the Geneva Motor Show and will begin production in late 2010.

RATES UPDATE 12/15/10: Lexus has finally released the prices 200h CT USA 2011. CT 200h base price is $ 29,120 and, depending on the options you want to go all the way over $ 30,900. optional packages are also available, depending on the options you receive. Premium Audio package costs $ 1,125, the same package that costs $ 1,475 rear-view camera. package costs $ 1,330 leather trim, while the satellite navigation package costs $ 2,445. Finally, Lexus also offers a package that includes the Pre-Collision System Dynamic Cruise Control $ 1,215.

The visual impact of the L-finesse is done inside. Again, a simple powerful form results of the same quality craftsmanship in every detail to create a unique cabin design efficient, elegant and spacious. The intensive use of metallic finishes and dark materials, soft touch strengthens the quality of the environment. The form and shape of each component of the interior has been carefully designed to express an organic feel, as evidenced by the balance of the metal accents and generously cut and polished, bound in leather.

CT 200h retains concept design of the LF-Ch asymmetric dashboard, which focuses on the pilot, focused on a warm, very focused line combines excellent ergonomics with advanced Human Machine Interface Technologies.

Based on the future of interior design is the Lexus dashboard subdivided into two distinct zones: an upper display area, with an 8 "LCD multi-screen at an ideal distance for viewing at a glance eye, and a lower zone of cooperation providing access to unique design shifter and commands such as IF award-winning Remote Touch.

Remote Touch operates on principles similar to a computer mouse, allowing the driver to access, control and customize a wide variety of infotainment and vehicle set up programs.

appropriate level of full-transmission CT 200h hybrid and agility of the new chassis, low riding position is very strong dominated the sport, wide grip steering wheel and instrument binnacle housing a large, high visibility, game two. In Sport mode, the hybrid detector binnacle is a tachometer and a blue light turns red. Two rings setting and in the spotlight at the center of the cluster is illuminated in red, change the whole atmosphere in the cabin of the new Lexus to improve the agility and dynamic qualities.

The long wheelbase 200h CT provides comparable scale to the rear passenger of a vehicle in this segment and with the hybrid battery stored under the floor, the rear seats fold down to create a large space: 700 liters.

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