Watch Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Watch Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Age-age I have never watched such thing as music orchestra, already embedded in my mind that the audience and the orchestra players are the ones who classy, ​​high-flavored music and wearing the latest fashion era. Far different from my kumel, udel and likes to dress as good as rock songs. So for me, watching his own orchestral music is a luxury.

While a free ticket to me too interested to try to enjoy live classical music. In a written ticket that we are obliged to wear batik shirt or jacket and shoes polite. If you only wear t-shirts, jeans and flip-flops are sure you will be kicked out. I also wonder why the hell should be neat, very neat, his music universal, Who are we allowed to listen to even though he just use gloves, so what? My sister also had a story that classical music in his native country, Austria, he never watched an orchestra with just wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sandals, but may go tuh.

Watch Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Finally, by wearing a suit and shoes that are narrow andelan marriage, I finally watched this also the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. The room is not too big as I imagined, there is a balcony on the left and right side of the room, and high ceilings decorated by a beautiful ornament. Lightingnya warm, not too cold air conditioning, spectator man in a suit, there is also a local batik and spectators wear women wearing party clothes. Deh-like atmosphere of the rich. Just did not have small children, fear of noisy point. Even so, there is also a special orchestra presented by the children and for children here, but we must look at the schedule prior dahulu.Belum have 5 minutes to sit, Malaysian music player Music Orchestra (MPO) began to arrive. They immediately alat2 busy tuning their music, hear the sounds of musical instruments ngak ngik ngok, but not interfere. Soon the conductor with longish hair 80's style comes to the accompaniment of applause which echoed across the room. After I noticed a list of names and tampang2nya MPO music players, I believe that 90% of them are foreigners, mostly Caucasian people. Continue where yah orang2 Malaysianya? His name doang Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra but was nearly all Caucasian people.

After getting the cue from the conductor began was the classical music that is sometimes sad, happy and anger flowing. I think each player will be awarded MPO megaphone on each instrument, but it was not tuh, so the original music that came out really supported by room with good resonance. I do not remember any song first, because the title very long and weird, basically there are three songs as a whole. The concert begins at 8.30 pm and finished at 11 pm plus 20 minutes resting.

Watch Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

What's interesting about this concert is the introduction of a guest performer (Caucasians) are very good at playing the piano, his fingers pumping out beautiful tunes in each and every piano perfectly. The strains of violin and piano together in a melodious bersahut-replication makes me lulled for a moment. Unfortunately at the end konsert this world-caliber piano player I think in 'forced' by the committee to bring the songs of Malaysia. What made me surprised again, 'the song malaysia' which turned out to be a song sung Rasa Sayange ours, have Indonesia! Ntah of necessity and lack of exercise, the song Rasa Sayange and another song but I forgot what song I think Indonesia is also a diaku-I by Malaysian-made me sound a bit saggy and force. Fortunately, these songs are played for a while, if I had run away once baseball. The funny thing for me, whether it's orchestral music tradition or not, every song out of the conductor will be given applause and disappeared behind the stage. Then he will reappear and give honor to the audience and the audience will clap their hands again. After that he's back behind the stage, then back again to the stage, and so on, I count to five times as possible.

The funny thing also for me, probably because not cough during the music progresses, every music out of the audience were competing cough, Kasian, I think they restrain restrain a cough during a concert in progress. So it's good if more severe cough you do not watch deh orchestral music. Oh yes, in the concert hall you can not motret, you could still sneak motret using camera phones, but if caught you are going didamprat by security.

To me that people this Ndeso, watch a live orchestral music is an interesting experience. Ticket price was reasonable for me, you can get tickets for just RM 20 for a goat class. Other classes are also available and the most expensive is RM 80. 1 RM was about Rp 3000. You can check the list of events and buy tickets online at the website MPO. Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra is located in KLCC or Petronas Twin Towers building. This orchestra was founded on August 17, 1998 by Petronas, Malaysia's oil company. When are ya Pertamina made like this?

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