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Barbie and The Crown Coloring Pages

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Coloring Pictures, Kids Coloring Pages
Barbie Dance Coloring Pages

Well, cover me in ice-cream and bite my bum...

...and then tie me up with Magnetic Duct Tape?  Why would you need to magnetise something that already sticks?  Do they make it in double-sized?  Just don't use it when your hard drive is falling apart at the seams... Och nevermind....I'm just being stoopid again.

Then my mind wandered off

Or how about magnetic paint? get blackboard paint...

What's next?  Silent Velcro?

This got me thinking about Stuff-on-a-Stick.

 Hot Dog on a Stick

Sushi on a stick

Horse on a Stick

Even Beer on a Stick

You can even pee-on-a-stick.

Smile on a Stick

This one's for Dutch Donut Girl

Carrot on a stick (actually that looks a bit phalic)

Ciggies on a stick

Stick USB on a stick

What would you put on a stick that would make your life easier?


Marimar Vega (Galeria 3)

Ultima Moda, Mi Guia y TV Azteca

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I'm Officially Hibernating!

intr.v. hi·ber·nat·ed, hi·ber·nat·ing, hi·ber·nates
1. To pass the winter in a dormant or torpid state.
2. To be in an inactive or dormant state or period.
Some of you may know from last year's winter post (Read it here) that I detest the winter and it depresses me terribly when I'm cold.  All I want to do is stay indoors, be depressed and miserable and preferably do it all in bed.  So, I am officially switching off for the rest of the winter.

Hibernation induction trigger (hibernation inducement trigger or HIT) is a substance found in the blood of hibernating animals and I am injecting myself with this today.  I'm powering down until the summer comes...



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Two Childern for Fathers Day Coloring Pages

Things I love....

Wish I could find a stockist in Johannesburg that has the lastest styles.
They are super cool and ultra sexy.  I need a pair very soon.

Yesterday I was surfing on YouTube and stumbled on a video from The White Stripes.  I immediately fell in love!  I mean seriously fell in love with the band's sound and Jack White's genius guitar playing.  I haven't felt this excited in ages about a band.  The last obsession of mine (musically) was  U2 and Bono aka Paul Hewson.  I collected all their records on vinyl and still think they are brilliant!

Oh I know, I can hear you saying - what is she on about?  Doesn't she know she's a grown woman? She shouldn't be obsessing about music and rock stars at her age. Well, anyone who knows me well, knows I love my music and I am never without my music.  Whether its listening to the car CD player, watching a DVD, surfing YouTube, jamming on XBOX guitar hero or listening to my iPod at work - I'm always jamming to something and looking for new bands and sounds to listen to.

I spent the entire day yesterday listening to The White Stripes - Jack and Meg White.  They are just genius - what a great band, great sound, great personalities.  Do yourself a favour and go listen to some of their stuff.  My favourite song so far is Ball and Biscuit.

Jack White

the White Stripes

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