Freaky Friday - Episode 13 - Walmart

Hi Freakyazoid Fuckers.  This week's Theme is : Weirdos

weird·o n. pl. weird·oes Slang
1. A person regarded as being very strange or eccentric.
2. A deranged, potentially dangerous person.

We all have at least one weird family member that everyone sniggers about behind their back. You know the poor Fucker?  The freak that everyone dreads seeing at the annual family Christmas Picnic?  The cock-sucker who never fails to embarras you in public.

I personally have many dysfunctional family members and I think thats why my Mum brought us up to have a sense of humour about life and people...

Uncle George who doesn't own a toothbrush and insists on slobbery mouth to mouth greetings *shiver* or Cousin Sebastian who wears a bow tie with his PJs and loves his job as an Embalmer.  He'll go into great depth about the process to anyone who'll listen.  No one gives a rats arse, Seb!  
Then there is Great Aunt Edna who wears knitting needles in her hair, smells like fucking moth balls, constantly mumbles the word fuck all the time and farts like a fucking two-stroke.

I am drawn to these kind of Fuck Nuts even though most others avoid them.  I find them incredibly interesting - physically putrid and vile, yes, but - colourful nevertheless.  I especially like the weirdos that don't give a fucking rats arse what others think of them.  They are confident about themselves, the way they are and they don't see anything freaky about themselves.  In fact, they generally think that "The Average Joe" is the weirdo.

They don't like to be labeled and they certainly DON'T like being kept in a box. Weirdos fucking rock my tits off and are certainly no Shrinking Violets.

And this reminded me of the Walmart People.  These Plonkers not only fit this category but show no embarassment in their weirdo skin....I FUCKIN love 'em!!!

Here are a few WM Peeps:

The typical Walmart Mullet Man 
Looking ultra cool his shades, crop top and short jean-pant.  
A bad-ass heart tattoo on his bicep completes the 80's rock look.
The gut hanging over the jean-shorts just puts a cherry on the fucking cake.

The lead singer of Funkadelic shoppin' for the reunion party.

Everyone owns a pair of Yellow Go-Go Boots, right?

Pimp My Cereal:   "Slappin' Dem Skank-Ass Ho's works up quite an appetite..."

Who is the Weirdo in your Dysfunctional Family? Tell me about it...

Go to Weirdo Dot Com for a laugh.

Are you a Weirdo? Take the Quiz and find out!

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