Neo's 6th Birthday Party

We didn't get rained out!  Megan enjoyed seeing Neo again and Kaylin planted herself firmly on the Trampoline and wouldn't share it with anyone.  She was on the Trampoline for a good two hours and was named The Trampoline Queen as she was bossing everyone around and dictating who can and cannot use the trampoline.  I guess the two hours on the trampoline gave her time to burn off all the sugar she consumed.

Megan on Neo's bike

Megan doing a slip on the Trampoline

Queen of the Trampoline. Bossy Little Miss

Megan and Neo

Neo's little brother Cayden (he is in Kaylin's class)

Megan getting ready for the Balloon Games!

Happy Birthday Candles and Cake


Balloon Games. 
The kids tied a balloon around their legs and had to stomp and pop each other's balloons.  The one who's balloon was left in tact at the end was named the Winner and got a prize.  There were other games but we left to go to Mel and Shaun's house-warming party  (thats where the drinking comes in, silly).  But I was very well behaved and we just sat around a big bonfire chatting.


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