Megan vs Daddy with a Vuvuzela - Round 1

What's plastic, a metre long, brightly coloured and sounds like an elephant?

It's the vuvuzela - the noise-making trumpet of South African football fans.

We're gearing up for 2010 Soccer World Cup in our home with a competition between Megan (my six year old) and her Daddy and a very noisy blue Vuvuzela.

The deal is this... all started on Sunday night when Megan was playing with her vuvuzela and I mentioned that it would be a good wake up call for someone who doens't  have a regular alarm clock.  Hmmmmm somehow I regret putting thoughts in her little mind. Nevertheless, it was decided between Megan and her Dad that whoever gets up first in the morning gets to "Vuvuzela" the other one awake with this annoying trumpet. 

Daddy has won the game since Monday morning and Megan is not too amuzed by it all.  Okay, so who wants to wake up by a vuvuzela being blown in your face when you are slumbering so sweetly?

But the game continues...

Last night Megan calls me into her room just after she'd slipped into bed and says to me: "Mum, you must wake me up early tomorrow morning so that I can get Daddy with the Vuvuzela".  She promptly stuffed her Vuvuzela under her pillow and put her finger over her lips to tell me it was our little secret.   I nodded in agreement knowing that Daddy would get his own back. 

Well, I couldn't bear to wake her when I went into her room this morning.  She was snoring so nicely so I just left her.  Next thing I knew, my Boerewors was looking for the Vuvuzela and he snuck into her room looking for the dreaded horn.  He eventually found it and blew Megan awake.  Poor wee thing.

They giggled and Megan is determined to get her dad back tomorrow morning.  This time I will help her otherwise I'll be in the bad books again.  I am already in grave trouble for not waking her this morning.  I had the pouty face all the way to school. I'm such a bad mother...

Man! is that thing damn loud!!!

Stay tuned for Vuvuzela at the Hefer House - Round 2.

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